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About Us

Netoria is headquartered in Chicago, Illinois with support facilities in Atlanta, GA. and Dubai, UAE. Netoria can deliver products next business day regardless of where you are located.


As a growing company, more facilities are being established in other parts of the world.  In our global effort to better assist and support businesses, you can communicate with our staff in the following languages: English, Spanish, Arabic, Urdu, Hindi, and Tagalog just to name a few.







Netoria is a Global Company

We Make RFID Simple!


Don’t be overwhelmed by Radio Frequency Identification (RFID). Netoria delivers products and solutions that make RFID work easily, reliably and economically.


With our development partner investing heavily in R&D, The DominateRFID product and solutions were built for various industries. Our products include one of the most comprehensive lines of RFID Readers, RFID Tags and RFID Antennas. Customers use our solutions in applications including inventory control, asset management, product authentication, and patron management with compelling results.

Why Netoria Technologies?





Our software solutions take complexity out of RFID applications by making it simple to use and maintain. Our system easily integrates with your company’s existing ERP, MRP, WMS to provide a seamless user experience. No headaches. No fires to put out.


Solid RFID Solutions


Solve your Asset Management, Inventory Tracking, Jewelry Tracking, People Tracking, File & Document Tracking, Laundry Management and many other challenges with Netoria Technologies solid solutions.




RFID is all we do. We staff world-class and experienced RF and software engineers. Our patented products and technical expertise will ensure that you get unrivaled RFID performance and results. Each of our products is designed to comply with the latest standards of EPC Global, Spec2000, ISO, and other industry standards.




Hundreds of successful implementations prove that our system delivers results. Some of the world’s biggest Fortune 500 companies in retail, healthcare, banking, hospitality, logistics, and security rely on our solid products to meet their Asset Management, Inventory Tracking, Jewelry Tracking, People Tracking, File & Document Tracking, Laundry Management and many other challenges.



Code-free, parameter-driven customization


With Netoria Technologies solutions, you can customize software parameters without having to write a single line of code. You can easily set complex security, alert management and business rules that can be set at any time by the System Administrator with no coding or software expertise required.



World-Class Service and Training


Netoria Technologies enables you to focus on your core competencies by providing you with extensive training and great technical support.