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Asset Tracking

Knowing the location and traffic flows of mobile assets such as trolley or trays, for example, is a challenge postal operators, which requires extraordinary investments to cover potential inefficiencies in the logistics process

To do this, the Netoria team has developed and implemented in multiple customers, a solution to adapt to each of the assets, which can be displayed with their movement, thus allowing immediate detection and correction of potential logistics bottlenecks.

Asset tracking involves tracing of physical assets such as IT equipment, computers, office furniture and fixtures, laboratory equipment, automobiles, memorabilia, jewelry and equipment as well as  returnable items such as videos and library books. Displaced or missing equipment, tools or files can have a deep impact to the bottom line of any organization.  The implementation of an RFID tracking system is an efficient method to save time, increase productivity and ultimately, drive profits.

The use of RFID provides an automated way to combine asset visibility, inventory accuracy, employee accountability and statistical reporting about items and locations offering the ability to provide:

  • Employee accountability

  • Reduced theft/shrinkage

  • Automated reporting/sales tracking

  • Accurate inventory counts

  • Streamlined operations

  • Sales and marketing data collection


In order to solve your Asset Tracking need, we offer you

  • A set of RFID and RTLS plug&play devices we developed. They are pre-integrated so you or your IT partner can install them easily.

  • A solid and scalable software infrastructure than manages the RFID and RTLS devices, collects data, transforms it according to your rules and an Asset Tracking application that is included in the same package.

  • Free assesment from us

  • Support services and maintenance, in cooperation with your IT partner or maintenance company you trust.  Please ask for help and details at support@netoria.com and we will call you back.

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