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Internal policies and regulatory compliance with state, local, and federal agencies require that school districts be able to actively identify and locate assets in their schools.  A typical school district has thousands of assets such as books, vehicles, tools, media equipment, laptops, servers, networking gear, furniture, and scientific laboratory equipments which are distributed across various locations.  School districts lack true visibility because the asset information is typically maintained in spreadsheets or sometimes financial applications that often have no correlation with the current location of the asset.  Without an automated asset management and tracking system in place, the result can be redundancy, increased expenditures, and more personnel needed to manage the process.

Leveraging RFID technology to track critical assets has many benefits.  The time it takes to conduct a complete physical inventory or periodic audits is significantly reduced while data accuracy is increased. Gaining district visibility and tightened security can be achieved by automating the following key functions.

Inventory Audit

Districts are required to maintain a complete accounting of all equipment.   Inventory audits are done at least annually and at great cost and effort. RFID can help districts achieve more timely information for decision making while delivering significant benefits that include:


  • Conducting Inventory audits across multiple facilities with little or no infrastructure investment

  • Accurately count inventory in minutes and hours, not weeks or months

  • Instantly retrieve automated reports for management and compliance

With RFID tagged assets, districts can achieving 100% accuracy while eliminating 90% of audit costs, enabling instant reconciliation and reduced asset shrinkage. 

Asset Tracking 

The ability to locate, track and manage high-value IT, furniture and equipment assets from the moment they are registered with the system of record is essential.  Benefits include:

  • Conducting physical inventory of assets directly from a computer or smart device

  • Tracking assets and media as they are moved in an out of a specific location

  • Instant alerts upon unauthorized movement of assets

Leveraging RFID technology to automate common business processes relating to critical assets has come of age and is delivering compelling results. 
Asset Security

With financial controls being tightened, school districts are exploring ways of providing greater security and control while budgets are under increased pressure.  RFID benefits include: 

  • Detecting the removal of RFID tagged assets from specific locations

  • Insuring only authorized personnel have access to secure areas

  • Providing alerts and alarms for any violation of security rules

Through the use of RFID, security can be greatly enhanced through locating and tracking assets and personnel as well as monitoring and limiting access throughout a facility without incurring prohibitive costs.

Inventory auditing, asset tracking, and asset security provide the necessary controls to ensure accuracy and accountability of critical assets.  RFID greatly reduces human effort and error while increasing information accuracy.  

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