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Jewelry Tracking

Solve your Jewelry Tracking challenges with Netoria Technologies!


  • Know exactly what you have, how many you have and where it is.

  • Reduce shrinkage and strengthen security against theft, loss and counterfeiting.

  • Extensive real time Alert system with video surveillance for monitoring item movements.

  • Quick daily stock count and audit your inventory in no time.

  • Know which items have been shown to customers the most.

  • Increase real-time inventory accuracy and visibility.

  • Scan items that are in a box without even opening the box.

  • Eliminate wasted time looking for missing or misplaced items.

  • Eliminate errors in receiving, put away, picking, transfer and shipping.

  • Valuable item activity statistics to help you make better purchasing decisions.

  • Works with RFID, Barcode or combination of the two.


Netoria Technologies Jewelry Tracking Solutions is a web based application with no limitations on its configuration capabilities. It utilizes an innovative “Item properties”feature that allows you to match it perfectly to your specific inventory requirements.


Netoria Technologies Jewelry Tracking system can enhance your existing jewelry system with RFID capabilities through integration and therefore safeguards your investment or use it as a stand-alone Jewelry Tracking System.


The amazing feature of the Netoria Technologies Jewelry Tracking is that it does not require you to change your method of operation or procedures.


Netoria Technologies Jewelry Tracking solution tremendously improves three major parts of your business:




  • Quick stock count allows you to scan entire store in minutes instead of hours.

  • Audit your inventory in no time.

  • Quickly find missing or misplaced items.

  • Quickly organize the store by scanning a location and see what items do not belong to that location.

  • Real time visibility of your inventory regardless of their location.




  • Protects you against theft and counterfeiting.

  • Receive alerts in real time via Screen Pop-ups, SMS and Email.

  • Automatically lock doors and take many actions when un-authorized item is leaving.

  • Directly associates the video surveillance with the un-authorized item leave.




  • Know which item has been shown to customer the most.

  • Know which item has never been shown.

  • Valuable statistics to help you make better purchasing decisions.


Netoria Technologies Jewelry Tracking system is comprised of several independent and tightly integrated modules to provide you with a complete jewelry tracking solution.


Inventory Quick Count


This module is designed for quick stock count of your entire inventory. It is usually used for end of the day stock counts. You can select the entire inventory or select by Item Type or item properties and the handheld will count the inventory and provide you the result in real time.


Inventory Audit


This module is designed for auditing the inventory including the periodic cycle counts. The handheld will capture found, missing, and misplaced items and will report the audit results to the application for further processing.


Misplaced Search


This module is designed to scan a location and look for items that do not belong to that location. It is a great tool for cleaning up and organizing the inventory.


Inventory Search


This module allows you to search for and pinpoint the precise location of missing item. Visual and audible proximity indicators direct you to the item you are looking for. As the user gets closer to the item, the handheld reader beeps more frequently and visual indicator displayed on the screen shows the distance to the item.




  • Rapid and accurate inventory capture.

  • Automate the identification and status change of hundreds of items at once. No miscounts. No double counts. Deliver more precision, repeatability and control into your system.

  • Easy to use and easy to maintain.

  • Misplaced Search allows you to scan a location and search for items that have been misplaced or don’t belong to that location.

  • Automatically lock doors and take many actions when un-authorized item is leaving.

  • Rapid report generation.

  • Designed to work with Barcode, RFID or combination of the two.

  • Increase inventory turnover ratio and make decisions based on accurate data.


Not All RFID Solutions Are Created Equal


Extensive R&D and years of experience have molded our software into the world-class RFID application it is today. Our goal is to make RFID applications that are intelligent, easy to use, reliable and affordable.


This is just the tip of the iceberg of what our solutions can do. When it comes to the functionalities required for a robust RFID Jewelry Tracking solution, we literally thought of everything.


Netoria Technologies Jewelry Tracking, another great product from Netoria Technologies. There’s nothing like it.
100% of what you want.

Simple to use. Simple to maintain. No barriers. No complications.


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