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Solve your Store Stock Management challenges with Netoria Technologies!


Omni-channel retailing is focused on creating a seamless consumer experience for the connected customer who uses traditional and digital shopping channels simultaneously throughout the purchase journey.


In order to accommodate this new breed of highly engaged consumers and their shopping habits, retailers need to implement new sales strategies that take advantage of near real-time information.


To meet this need, Netoria Technologies developed a unique Mobile Stock Availability software that helps retailers know exactly what they have, how many they have and where it is.


DominateRFID Mobile Stock Availability provides stock visibility at the store as well as other stores within the region. This way if an item is unavailable in that particular store, through our Mobile Stock Availability software, the staff can direct the customer to another store or communicate with the sales associate located in a different stores, thus fulfilling the need of a customer without losing the sale.


Our “Similar Items” feature provides sales personnel information on all available colors and sizes of the same item the customer is looking at. This feature increases customer’s choice and keeps them engaged with the retailer which results in increase in sales.


Netoria Technologies Mobile Stock Availability, another great product from Netoria Technologies. There’s nothing like it.
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