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People Tracking


Although RFID and RTLS is primarly used to track assets and items, people can get important benefit, because at the end, tag technology is wearable.

You can identify who is who, where is the person located with an accuracy of 1 meter, track where he/she has been, rise an alarm under special behaviors (static person, person in forbidden area, grouped persons, etc..) and display it in graphical screen.

Some examples include:

  • Workers in danger: mining, oil & gas,

  • Retail: Customer behavior across hot store zones, business intelligence.

  • Protect Kids at school

  • Services workers, construction, factory employees.

  • Hospital: protection to patients, baby borns, old people

  • Hospital: efficient localization of doctors and nurses

  • Security: inmate control at prision, security services at malls, airports, etc.

  • Sport: track athletes like runners, bikers, skyers, massive events like marathons.

  • Event invitees, trade shows

  •  Music festivals

  • …and many more

Multiple tag form factors and materials are available

  • Typical form factor is BLE wristband or RFID wristband, but also RFID and BLE tags can be attached in seconds to persons’ arms or legs or stitched to clothes, bags, helmets, etc.

  • The attached tag can be tamper-proof. Any attempt to remove or cut it other than by an authorized person automatically triggers an alarm.

  • Different form factors can be provided, like high security, water proof, medical polymers, etc.

  • Temperature tracking, motion detection or alarm button under special orders.

Use Cases