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Healthcare Solutions with RFID, RTLS  and IoT

Automate your Hospital, Pharmacy, Bio Lab

Leading  health-care facilities employ RFID, radio frequency identification and real-time location systems (RTLS) to identify, locate and monitor patients, visitors, staff members, assets and equipment.  These technologies

  • improve safety (e.g. admissions/discharges)

  • enhance the quality of care,

  • reduce financial waste

  • foster patient satisfaction.

  • RFID and RTLS can be leveraged though integration with security control and monitoring systems.

  • 10% – 20% reduction of Out-Of- Stock.

  • Asset inventory gets close to 100%.

  • Reduce patient wait times between procedures with automated alerting and monitor patient activity/inactivity.

  • Reduce legal penalties

  • Automate your hospital and audit processes.

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