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RETAIL applications based on RFID, IoT, cloud


Leading Retailers focus is Multichannel & Omnichannel sales approach,  data anaytics and RFID at item-level…

Still for average Retailers, the focus was turned on execution: How do you actually make these ideas work?

Business benefits benchmark of implementing RFID at item-level in Fashion Apparel & Footwear are:

  • 60% – 80% reduction of Out-Of- Stock.

  • Inventory Accuracy gets close to 100%.

  • Time saved counting stock between 75% and 90%.

  • 70% to 90%  reduced time  when receiving stocks.

  • Rise of sales between 4% and 8% because of right in-store stocks and improved sales operations.

Automated and accurate stock counting

Entire store’s inventory counted quite instantly and be able to accurately pinpoint the precise location of every piece of merchandise

No more fake copies

A RFID tag with specific data stored such as manufacturing location, lot number, etc. and a secure code is associated with the individual product and can be inserted in the original item to fight fake products.

Non intrusive anti-theft

Detector that are ceiling mounted or hidden in the floor carpet combine RFID identification of individual items and anti-theft, with same performance than traditional EAS

What is going on at my stores?

Brand Managers, Sales VP and Owners face the same challenge, they need to know in real time, what products are being touched by customers, correlated with sales, store traffic, POS information. The answer is M2M with RFID and Business Intelligence

Less queues and auto-check-out

Many sales are lost at the last meters of the row, while customers wait to pay. Fast check-out by store staff or auto-chek-out by your clients are important improvements

Product recommendations and magic mirror

Interactive content displayed on screens make suggestions to customers, with detailed product description or cross-selling recommendations.
Smart Wallboards integrated with RFID enables interactivity with virtual dressing.
Also, if combined with social media, and customer id a true omnichannel experience becames a reality

Guide your customers

Smartphones usage in the store is an opportunity if combined with indoor positioning for better engagement.  More product information, targeted promotions and geofencing are some examples of a true omnichannel experience.

Track your customers behavior

By tracking smarphones movement and BLE beacons attached to a supermarket cart or bag (while you keep identification data privacy) you can identify in-store patterns. Additionaly, combined with RFID you can also know what customers are testing or touching for full customer visibility

Accurate and dynamic pricing

Store automation reduces ongoing costs but also allows product information, price flexibility (micro campaigns), centralized control, margin maximization, accuracy and store modernization with Digital Signage.

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