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Security & Shrink Management


Reduce your cost of retail theft with Netoria Technologies Shrink Management System.


Regardless of where your retail operation is located, shrink is a universal adversary. Retailers worldwide are recognizing that as their business expands so does shrink. Shrink accounts for any loss of inventory due to shoplifting, employee theft, vendor fraud or administrative error.


Netoria Technologies Shrink Management System is a web-based application that help retail companies’ work smarter, faster and more cost-efficient. Our complete RFID solution will ensure stock is easily traced and able to be locate it in real-time.


The “Alert Module” prevents the unauthorized movement of inventory by triggering alert actions such as pop up screens, SMS and Email notification as well as locking doors, triggering buzzers, and flashing lights upon the occurrence of an event. An event can be captured via surveillance cameras and viewed directly in the application.


The Alert system is comprised of many independent, yet tightly integrated alerts that allow you to choose the precise features that fit your needs.




  • Reduce shrinkage and strengthen security against product loss, theft and counterfeiting.

  • Automate the identification and status change of hundreds of items at once.

  • Strong and reliable security system at the entrance and exit points of your retail shop.

  • Triggering different types of alerts once an un-sold item leave the retail shops.

  • Preventing unaccounted and accidental losses of inventory.

  • Detecting intrusion and shoplifting by staff or others.


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