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Smart Fitting Room


Solve your Fitting Room challenges with Netoria Technologies!


Netoria Technologies Smart Fitting Room turns a simple fitting room into a shopper’s dream. Not to mention a better business tool for retailers.

As shoppers enter their fitting rooms, interactive screen show details on everything they’ve brought in with them-materials, designers, colors, sizes, and more. Plus, they’ll see recommended accessories and matching products as they’re trying things on. It’s as easy as 1-2-3 for customers to choose other items to try and have them immediately brought to the fitting room. Cross-selling made easy!


Just imagine the benefits to a busy mom with kids in tow. Instead of gathering up the kids and going in search of help every time she picks a wrong size, she simply chooses the new size and presses “send” on the touch screen. Moments later a friendly salesperson is handing her everything she wanted. And she never had to leave the room. Talk about a dream!


The most valuable benefit of Netoria Technologies smart fitting rooms is, without a doubt, better customer service. But even if the customer doesn’t use the interactive tablet computer, very valuable information can be collected from observing what items customers bring to the fitting rooms and what happens to them afterwards. In addition, the retailer will always know where all items are. By serving the customers’ needs better: knowing what they want, having it in stock/in the right location, suggesting matching items and bringing the items to the fitting room – more sales is the obvious result.


Information about items that are tried on often, but seldom bought, is of value to the retailer even if the customer doesn’t report the exact reason. The retailer can then speculate whether the item is too expensive, perceived as bad quality, uncomfortable, has bad fitting, is too large or small for its claimed size, etc.


Our interactive tablet computers in the smart fitting room offers:




– The application gives pointers on what products match the garments brought to the fitting room. The system opens the possibility for more efficient cross-selling.




– The customer can see availability of sizes and colors of a garment on the screen. The customer can also look up facts about the item, such as where it was produced and more precise information about used materials and care advice.




– The customer can send a request for a sales assistant to bring more items to the fitting room. This is one of the most important features of the system, since it means that the customer is saved from the trouble of fetching different colors, sizes or items themselves.




– There is a tremendous amount of information that customers will supply you with, if you just give them a chance. People like to praise, help and complain – simply to make themselves heard and know that the retailer cares about their opinions.




– It is a very good idea to make it easy for the customer to skim through new items and the collections. They can find items that they didn’t see while browsing the actual store, or see the same item on a model, and like it, although they didn’t fall for it on the rack.


Stores can maximize retail space with strategic product placement based on real-time feedback about exactly what customers are trying on. Retailers can increase staff productivity and gain customer loyalty with faster, more intuitive service. The system provides customizable reports with real-time data allowing you to view percentage of items sold from the fitting room and what was tried out.




  • Bring personal shopping assistance right into the fitting room.

  • Increase cross-selling with tailored advice for coordinating and accessorizing.

  • Give customers faster, easier access to personal shopping assistant when wanted.

  • Boost sales with in-room marketing videos and product information.

  • Serve a diverse clientele with instant translations.

  • Stock smarter by monitoring product interest vs. sales.

  • Tighten security with real-time item-level tracking.

  • Save time with online tracking, controls, and reports.


Netoria Technologies Smart Fitting Room, another great product from Netoria Technologies. There’s nothing like it.
100% of what you want.

Simple to use. Simple to maintain. No barriers. No complications.


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