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A smart display is a display in a store that has been equipped with an RFID reader. The RFID reader can be built-in the display itself. By continuously scanning the RFID tagged items on the display, the RFID reader consistently notifies the back-end system about the existing items and their movement. It will also identify items that do not belong on a certain display as “misplaced items”.


Having the ability to track jewelry, cosmetics, sunglasses and more by movement and location, Netoria Technologies Smart Display System provides retailers with information that can be analyzed and translated into customer preferences. Thereby RFID-equipped smart display provide retailers with various ways of improving their customer service, display inventory, loss prevention while increasing sales.






With Netoria Technologies sales activity alert you can register movements of products and can therefore notify the retailer about: what products cause what customer picking behavior. With Netoria Technologies smart display retailers are able to track the popularity of selected items in their stores. Every time an item is picked from the display, the back-end system registers it as an event. It also registers what happens to the item after this. Is it put back on the display? Is it purchased? This information can be used for strategic product display and placement as well as deciding what campaign offers should consist of next month. What products get picked a lot but never purchased? Are they placed too close to a remarkably cheaper alternative? Should they be moved or simply removed from the product range?




Netoria Technologies Location Re-Stocking Alert is one of the most potential uses of smart display in the retail business area. The smart display notices when it’s running out of an item and sends an alert to the system administrator via Email, SMS or Screen Pop-up message. With this system the sales personnel can replenish the display or make order for more items.




Retailers often encounter “false” out-of-stocks, that is, the item is nowhere to be found, at least not by the customer. It is simply misplaced. With Netoria Technologies smart display, the sales personnel will immediately know when an item is in the wrong place. This is especially important when it comes to merchandise that has to be stored in certain display due to product category, pricing or proximity to the store entrance.




After adopting RFID, retailers have reported that shrinkage has decreased with an average of 70%. With smart display, retailers will know where the remaining 30% has disappeared. Was the item last scanned at the cash desk gate when a thief ran out with it under his/her shirt? This information helps retailers spot the problems where they are and take precautions for decreasing shrinkage even further.




Besides from notifying when products are running out, missing or misplaced, a smart display controls the expiring dates of products and sends alerts to the shop personnel when products are about to expire. This way sales personnel save a significant amount of time by not having to run around the shop looking for expiring dates. Netoria Technologies Smart Display system is helping retailers, hospitals, and other organizations control inventories and keep products in continuous stock by automatically tracking the arrival and distribution of individual items. When you know the number and type of products that are on hand at any given moment, you can prevent over- and under-ordering, saving money and improving efficiencies.


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