Netoria Technologies delivers software solutions across the entire Value Chain to generate real time consumption, replenishment, and analytics. The platforms support RFID and traditional barcode data collection and are deployed at multiple sites increasing efficiency of operations, decreasing out-of-stock situations and optimizing replenishment.


  • Logistically optimized demand based replenishments

  • Generate real time inventory and consumption reports

  • Integrated service center operations (encoding, printing, tagging)

  • Transfer products between branch stores or DC

  • Dashboards to monitor inventory and consumption

  • Store/DC level pricing and inventory threshold levels

  • Reduce in-transit inventory losses and conflicts with transportation vendors.

  • Monitor back doors & docks for inventory movements & losses

  • Automatic order and shipment verifications

  • Pick, Pack, Dispatch and Receive

  • Shopper pedestrian flow analysis

  • Reduce cycle counting from days to hours


While 100% inventory accuracy can now be assured with RFID, it can be achieved with a fraction of the labor costs of previous generation technologies such as barcode.  Beyond labor, a broader set of cost benefits rapidly emerge around inventory visibility.


Monitoring inventory in transit and effectively increasing inventory turnover along with managing lot based breakeven to enable promotions and sales events across the enterprise contribute significantly to improved efficiency and customer service in addition to reduced inventory losses.


Netoria platforms provide workflow engines that facilitate vital process improvements throughout the supply chain from source to shelf, delivering value that can only be realized by leveraging sensor based technologies and a suitable software platform.



Track.  Connect.  Control.  Deliver.  Analyize.

Your Products that can be Tracked and Verified...can now be Smart.

Welcome to the New Business Value Chain