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Uniform Management

Solve your Uniform Management challenges with Netoria Technologies!


  • Have accurate uniform inventory information in real-time.

  • Make employees accountable for their assigned uniforms.

  • Reduce shrinkage and strengthen security against loss and theft.

  • Monitor the cleaner’s performance and turnaround time.

  • Real time visibility helps in maintaining an optimal uniform inventory.

  • Prevent unnecessary uniform purchases.

  • Make sure your employees have the correct uniforms.

  • Save labor costs in uniform dispensing and collection.


With Netoria Technologies Uniform Management significant automation of tasks such as assigning garments to an employee, receiving soiled garments for laundering, and sending and receiving garments to and from the cleaners is provided.


Employee Uniform Dispensing and Collection


This module completely automates the dispensing and collection of uniforms; recording the date and time a uniform was checked out/dropped off and by whom. As soiled uniforms are dropped in collection boxes, the system will register the uniform ID, the time and will add it to the soiled inventory.


Uniform Shipment To and From Cleaners


This module wirelessly tracks all uniforms sent to and from the cleaners. Discrepancy data that compares garments sent out and garments returned is provided.


Not All RFID Solutions Are Created Equal


Extensive R&D and years of experience have molded our software into the world-class RFID application it is today. Our goal is to make RFID applications that are intelligent, easy to use, reliable and affordable.


This is just the tip of the iceberg of what our solutions can do. When it comes to the functionalities required for a robust RFID Uniform Management solution, we literally thought of everything.


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